Enchilada Runtime

Enchilada can be run as an applet (in the right frame) or as a standalone application (if the applet doesn't work). To run Enchilada as a standalone application, you need to download the enchilada-applet.jar and use the following command:

java -cp enchilada-applet.jar enchilada.Application

This command will open a window where you can enter enchilada expressions and commands.

Entering expressions

Example expressions can be evaluated by clicking on them. Use Shift and Enter to manually evaluate expressions.

Try entering the following expression manually and then hit Shift+Enter:

1 2 + 3 4 + * 5 6 + 7 8 + * *

This should give 3465 as the result.


You can trace the evaluation of expressions by entering:


Re-entering the above expression with tracing should give the following result:

1 2 + 3 4 + * 4 5 + 6 7 + * * ==
3 7 * 9 13 * * ==
21 117 * ==

You can disable tracing by entering:


Storing an expression

If you are using the application version of Enchilada you can store expressions on the filesystem. In case of the applet, expressions will be stored in memory.

Expressions that are prefixed with an equals symbol will be assigned to the global slot. To try this, first enter the following expression:

="Hello world"

Then to store the global slot, enter:


This must give the following result:


You can now use this reference in other expressions, for example:

[(0CrW0AcPtv627RmeAfYcVMnnBGU=)] \ ==
["H";"e";"l";"l";"o";" ";"w";"o";"r";"l";"d"]