Enchilada is designed and implemented by Robbert van Dalen.


Anyone can freely copy, modify, join or ignore Enchilada.

However, individuals and corporations should be aware that it is illegal to patent Enchilada's design or implementation. With the publication of this document, Enchilada is considered prior art.


Stevan Apter is a computer language wizard who has been very influential in getting Enchilada into working shape. Next to his invaluable support, he also has brought many semantic and syntax improvements to Enchilada.

Everyone should visit Stevan's website to admire the many gems he has put there.

Sjoerd Visscher is another computer language master who has contributed useful improvements.

Manfred von Thun who has invented Joy: the canonical concatenative language.

Will Thimbleby who has created MISC. The presentation/interaction style of the Enchilada applet is a straight copy from Will's MISC applet.